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"I fell in love with Rudy's talent because he was someone who didn't care about the money. He didn't care about the idea of "work" because he loved doing hair so much. I'm more of a business man and I was looking for someone to invest in. When I saw Rudy practicing his craft I knew he was in love with the work and the people he transformed." Luis (Co-Owner)

Since our 2011 Grand Opening in Canoga Park, Rudy Del Cid has sucessfully, steadily and rapidly grown into the the space and environment we always dreamt it could. After several years of passion, perseverance and effort we've upgraded our salon to bring you a modern feel where beauty is born and reborn with every visit. 

Together we hope to bring the most familial and satisfactory service to our clients. Everyone who walks through our door becomes family to us. As we grow, so will our salon and we hope to bring our love for the work to many locations throughout California. Most importantly, we hope to bring our transformative talents to you

Our Vision

Our Story

 {"It's NOT  WORK  because we  LOVE what we do"}
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